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Table 2 Distribution of capacity to pay and OOP costs for health care across hypertensive patients in rural Shandong, China, 2016

From: Catastrophic health expenditure: a comparative study between hypertensive patients with and without complication in rural Shandong, China

IndicatorsOne complicationTwo or more complicationsNo complicationTotal
Average OOPacost of health care (US$)b
Average annual household income
Average annual household expenditure
Average annual household food expenditure
Average capacity to payc
OOP costs share of household income(%)26.478.14.312.1
OOP costs share of capacity to pay(%)27.653.66.215.4
  1. US$ United States dollar
  2. aOOP out-of-pocket
  3. b A currency exchange rate of Chinese RMB 689 Yuan to US$100 dollar
  4. c Capacity to pay means that household expenditure minus food expenditure