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Table 3 Weighted Odds Ratios for Contributory Factors and Injury in Preschool Children

From: Factors associated with injuries among preschool children in Egypt: demographic and health survey results, 2014

The studied FactorMultivariate logistic regression
OR[95% CI]P-value
 2–4 years3.452.644.50< 0.001
 < 2 years1  
 Female1  < 0.001
Place of Residence
 Upper Urban1   
 Frontier Gov0.950.451.980.89
 Urban gov1.631.012.620.04
 Lower Urban1.731.062.800.03
 Lower Rural2.081.343.240.001
 Upper Rural1.170.721.910.652
Wealth level
Marriage Age
 29-44 yr1   
 9-19 yr3.071.088.720.04
 20-28 yr2.390.846.830.10
Left alone (> 1 h)
Left with a Minor (< 10 yr)
 Yes2.631.654.18< 0.001