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Table 2 Characteristics of participants (n = 55)

From: Feasibility of an HIV self-testing intervention: a formative qualitative study among individuals, community leaders, and HIV testing experts in northern Tanzania

 Female Bar workers
n (%)
Mountain climbing porters
n (%)
Key informants
n (%)
Data collection methods
 In-depth interviews (IDIs)0(0.0)0(0.0)18(100.0)
 Focus group discussions (FGDs)16(100.0)21(100.0)0(0.0)
 Mean age in years (range)26 yrs. (18–34)31 yrs. (22–48)52 yrs. (29–77)
Education level
 Primary education7(43.7)10(47.6)1(5.6)
 Secondary education or higher9(56.3)11(52.4)17(94.4)
Marital status
Employment status
 Employed with a regular salary16(100.0)0(0.0)13(72.2)
History of HIV testing
 Ever tested for HIV10(62.5)12(57.1)N/Aa
  1. aKey informants were not asked about their previous history of HIV testing