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Table 3 Health outcomes at follow-ups (in 2013 and 2015) by social participation (SP) at baseline (in 2011)

From: Impact of social participation on health among middle-aged and elderly adults: evidence from longitudinal survey data in China

Health outcome (the higher, the better)20132015
Mental health (MH)
 MH1 (range: 1–5)<  0.0012.01.80.1<  0.001
 MH2 (range: 10–70)57.955.12.7<  0.00157.655.12.5<  0.001
Self-rated health (SRH) (range: 1–5)<  0.0013.
Activities of Daily Living (ADL)42.942.10.8<  0.00142.841.81.0<  0.001
 BADL (range: 6–24)23.623.30.3<  0.00123.523.10.4<  0.001
 IADL (range: 5–20)19.619.10.4<  0.00119.519.00.5<  0.001
Onset of disease (%)
 Hypertension or dyslipidaemia29.827.42.40.07929.
 Diabetes or high blood sugar7.
 Heart attack or stroke16.414.81.50.16616.
 Cancer or malignant tumour0.−0.10.684
 Emotional, nervous, psychiatric problems or memory-related disease2.−0.20.736
 Stomach or digestive disease21.620.21.40.25718.518.6−0.10.951
 Other diseases38.139.0−0.90.54135.835.30.50.742