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Table 1 Search Terms under Specific Areas

From: Health problems and healthcare service utilisation amongst homeless adults in Africa- a scoping review

Homeless and street peopleHealth ProblemsHealth service utilisationAfrica
Homeless Persons [Keyword]Health [MeSH]Utilisation [Keyword]Africa [MeSH]
Homelessness [Keyword]Health needs [Keyword]Health Services [MeSH] 
Homeless youth [Keyword]Health conditions [Keyword]Health care [Keyword] 
Homeless family [MeSH]Health status [MeSH]Health delivery [MeSH] 
Homeless men [MeSH]Physical health [Keyword]Health facilities [MeSH] 
Homeless women [MeSH]Mental health [MeSH]Primary health care [MeSH] 
Homeless people [Keyword]Poor health [Keyword)Health service use [Keyword] 
Street People [Keyword]Diseases [MeSH]Health service Uptake [Keyword] 
Street dwellers [Keyword]Infirmities [Keyword]Health service seeking [Keyword] 
Sleeping rough [Keyword]Comorbidities [MeSH]Health service consumption [Keyword] 
Roofless [Keyword]Morbidities [MeSH]Health service usage [Keyword] 
Houseless [Keyword]Illnesses [Keyword]  
 Ill-health [Keyword]  
 Sicknesses [Keyword]  
 Health problems [Keyword]