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Table 1 Intervention components and content

From: Active play in ASP –a matched-pair cluster-randomized trial investigating the effectiveness of an intervention in after-school programs for supporting children’s physical activity

Introductory course for school physiotherapists1-day courseInformation about the intervention and the physiotherapists’ role and responsibilities. Presentation of intervention workbook.
Course program for ASP staff3-h sessionIntroduction to research-based knowledge on children’s physical activity in play. Increasing the staff’s awareness of how such play can be influenced and supported in ASPs
3-h sessionBasic theoretical principles of SDT applied to physical activity and physical activity play among children; how to be activity supportive.
MappingThorough mapping of the ASP equipment and facilities.
Planning (1–2 h meeting)Summary of introductory sessions; how to make use of new knowledge.
5 meetings (monthly 1–2 h) led by the local school physiotherapistDiscussions and practical tasks focusing on:
- Motor learning in children,
- Equipment and environment,
- Mapping of staff competencies,
- Inclusion/exclusion in play,
- Leading and supporting activity in groups.
  1. The table has previously been published in the protocol article [22]. No permissions were required to include it here