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Table 3 Robustness checks: Oster bounds

From: Too young for Cannabis? Choice of minimum legal age for legalized non-medical Cannabis in Canada

Outcome:Education (CTUMS)Current cigarette smoking (CTUMS+CTADS)Self-reported general health (CTADS)Self-reported mental health (CTADS)
Age of first use 18 years(0.283, 0.440)(−0.130, −0.094)(0.094, 0.132)(0.049, 0.082)
Age of first use 19–20 years(0.414, 0.483)(−0.138, − 0.123)(0.125, 0.140)(0.114, 0.129)
Age of first use 21–24 years(0.630, 0.698)(−0.156, − 0.141)(0.164, 0.180)(0.084, 0.099)
RMax (1.3*R squared)0.0180.0180.0050.003
  1. Note: Oster bounds are estimated using the Stata command ‘psacalc’ and are based on Oster (2019). This command can only be performed after linear regressions (commands ‘regress’, ‘aregress’ or ‘xtregress’ in Stata) and thus can only be used for MMWS estimation (which uses ‘regress’ to estimate the outcome model), but not for the AIPW estimation