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Table 4 Attitudes of the study population on Self-Medication

From: Demographic, socio-economic and other associated risk factors for self-medication behaviour among university students of Sri Lanka: a cross sectional study

ParameterTotal respondents
Reasons for Self-MedicationPrevious experience53276.0
Problem too trivial (minor)51173.0
Urgency of the problem15922.7
No time to go for a doctor16123.0
Consulting a doctor is too expensive12217.4
Quick relief27939.9
To avoid the embarrassing moments36852.6
Other (specify)30.4
Considerations during purchaseType of the drug8912.7
Brand name22231.7
Side effects22532.1
Anything given by the pharmacist28540.7
Preferred sources of medication purchaseCommunity pharmacies60886.9
Left over from previous prescriptions35751.0
Family members25035.7
From friends14821.1
Preferred sources of information for Self-MedicationPrevious doctor’s prescription48068.6
Opinion of a friend24034.3
Own previous experience54577.9
Pharmacist advise33547.9
Opinion of family member31845.4
Internet and social media25736.7
Other (Specify)00.0
Do you believe that you might have taken counterfeit drugs?Yes14320.4
Can common diseases be successfully treated through Self-Medication?Yes I can32446.7
Not sure30844.0
No, I cannot689.7
Do you recommend drugs (medicines) for others?Yes30543.6