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Table 2 Knowledge of the study population on medical drugs and Self-Medication

From: Demographic, socio-economic and other associated risk factors for self-medication behaviour among university students of Sri Lanka: a cross sectional study

ParameterTotal respondents
Familiarity with the classification of OTCYes26437.7
Do you know what antibiotics are?Yes60286.0
Antibiotics are used for?Virus infections31344.7
Bacterial infections38454.9
Risks associated with Self-Medication are?Risk of using wrong drugs34749.6
Lack of knowledge about medicines44864.0
Risk of having adverse effects42360.4
Risk of misdiagnosing37653.7
Administrating medications wrongly26027.1
Risk of drug dependence17024.3
Which of the following statement(s) about antibiotics is (are) correct?Higher doses always result fast recovery24535.0
Low doses can always result less adverse conditions15422.0
Switching drugs always enhance drug effect527.4
Switching drugs always reduce adverse reactions405.7
A prior knowledge on the mechanism of drugs is necessary before initiating self-medication practices53977.0
Medication can be stopped when basic symptoms fade away14721.0
Can humans become resistant to antibiotics?Yes46165.9
Can Self-Medication cause side effects?Yes53576.4
Do you know the chemical composition of the drugs that you are using?Yes649.1
Level of understanding of the instructions used for Self-MedicationFully understood18426.3
Partially understood38354.7
Did not understand13319.0