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Table 1 Literature on Willingness-to-Pay for HIV Screening Test

From: Husband’s willingness-to-pay for HIV and syphilis screening at antenatal care clinic under the Thai universal coverage scheme

StudyPopulationStudy DesignCountryWTP MethodLocal PriceWTPGDP 2016
Huanmiao Xun
(2013) [13]
1151 of MSM*, female sex workers and VCT* clientsCross-sectional surveyChinaNot specifiedUS$17Median US$4.8 to US$8.111,199.1
Xu Y
(2013) [14]
MSM at a VCT site at the Beijing Jingcheng Skin Disease HospitalCross-sectional surveyChinaOpen-endedUS$16Median US$811,199.1
Li J
(2015) [23]
511 of people seeking counsel and HIV* test, STD* clinic patients, university students, migrant people, female sex workers, MSM and injecting drug usersCross-sectional surveyChinaNot specifiedUnknown84.1% were willing to pay for HIV antibody saliva rapid test11,199.1
Long Hoang
(2016) [15]
365 VCT clients in Ha Noi and Nam Dinh provinceCross-sectional surveyVietnamOpen-ended for pilot study then BiddingUS$20Mean US$7.75 (2013)202.6
Bach Xuan Tran (2016) [24]1016 MMT* patients in Hanoi and Nam DinhCross-sectional surveyVietnamBidding and Open-endedUS$20Mean US$17.9202.6
Forsythe S (2002) [16]2 health care centersCross-sectional surveyKenyaPayment Scale
and Bidding
US$2–6At least US$270.5
Uzochukwu B
(2011) [17]
250 of undergraduate students of two tertiary institutionsCross-sectional surveyNigeriaBidding and Open-endedFree of chargeMean US$3.2405.1
Maria Jose Bustamante
(2017) [18]
147 MSM and 45 transgender womenCross-sectional surveyPeruNot specifiedUS$10Mean US$5192.1
  1. * VCT Voluntary Counseling and Testing; MSM Men who have sex with men; STD Sexually transmitted disease; HIV Human immunodeficiency virus; MMT Methadone Maintenance Treatment