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Table 4 Additive interactions among components of metabolic syndrome on the risk of coronary heart disease

From: Effect of metabolic syndrome on coronary heart disease in rural minorities of Xinjiang: a retrospective cohort study

Interactive itemsAdditive interaction
RERI b (95% CI)AP b (95% CI)SI b (95% CI)
Elevated FBG & Elevated blood pressure0.25 (−1.23–1.73)0.08 (−0.39–0.56)1.14 (0.51–2.51)
Elevated blood pressure & Other components0.34 (−0.28–0.97)0.23 (− 0.25–0.72)3.54 (0.01–3.68)
Elevated FBG & Other components0.63 (− 0.34–1.60)0.38 (− 0.19–0.94)22.94 (0.01–17.99)
  1. FBG fasting blood glucose, CHD coronary heart disease, HR hazard ratios, CI confidence interval, RERI relative excess risk due to interaction, AP attributable proportion of interaction, SI synergy index
  2. b Adjustment for alcohol consumption, smoking status, age, sex and family history of hypertension, family history of diabetes and family history of coronary heart disease