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Table 4 Mediation statistics of statistically significant mediators of the food insecurity status score-obesity association

From: Exploring food insecurity and obesity in Dutch disadvantaged neighborhoods: a cross-sectional mediation analysis

Indirect effectProportion of total effect mediatedIndirect effectProportion of total effect mediated
Estimate95% CIb%Estimate95% CIb%
Living situation0.037*0.0073, 0.09615.30.036*0.0013, 0.1115.4
Diet quality
(FIN-Diet score)
−0.041*−0.11, − 0.0012−17.7−0.042*− 0.10, − 0.0019−18.6
General health status0.044*0.00089, 0.1119.1   
Smoking status   −0.034*−0.11, − 0.00034−15.8
  1. CI Confidence Interval
  2. *Statistically significant (p < 0.05)
  3. aAdjusted for age, sex, household income, educational level, and migration background
  4. bBias-corrected