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Table 1 Diet quality score components, dietary guidelines and scoring per component

From: Exploring food insecurity and obesity in Dutch disadvantaged neighborhoods: a cross-sectional mediation analysis

ComponentRecommendations by the Health Council of the Netherlands and/ or the Netherlands Nutrition Centre% contribution to component scoreUnitsScore
Vegetablesa,bEat at least 200 grams of vegetables daily100Grams/ d0Continuous≥200
Fruita,bEat at least 200 grams of fruit daily100Pieces/ d0Continuous≥ 2
Fisha,bEat one serving of fish weekly, preferably oily fish50Servings/ w0<1≥ 1
50-No fish consumedLean or both lean and fatty fishMostly fatty fish
BreadbReplace refined cereal products by whole-grain products50-Mostly white breadBoth white and brown/ whole-grain breadMostly brown/ whole-grain bread
Women: 4-5 brown/ whole-grain sandwiches daily50Sandwiches/ d0Continuous≥ 4
Men: 6-8 brown/ whole-grain sandwiches daily Sandwiches/ d0Continuous≥ 6
Oils and fatsbReplace butter, hard margarines and cooking fats by soft margarines, liquid cooking fats, and vegetable oils50-Butter, hard margarinesBoth butter, hard margarines and oils and soft margarinesOils and soft margarines
50-Butter on bread or bread is not buttered at allSemi-skimmed butter or hard margarine on breadDiet margarine on bread
Sweet and savory snacksbFor products outside the Wheel of Five: choose an item from the daily selection no more than three to five times per day, and something from the weekly selection no more than three times a week25Sweet snacks (larger serving)/ w≥ 3<1 to 2Not consumed
25Sweet snacks (small serving)/ d> 3ContinuousNot consumed
25Savory snacks (larger serving)/ w≥ 31 to 2Not consumed
25Savory snacks (small serving)/ d> 3ContinuousNot consumed
  1. aComponents included in the FIN-Diet score: vegetables; fruit; and fish
  2. bComponents included in the TOT-Diet score: vegetables; fruit; fish; bread; oils and fats; and sweet and savory snacks