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Table 1 Case eligibility criteria

From: Addressing quadruple aims through primary care and public health collaboration: ten Canadian case studies

The collaboration must:
 ◦ include a PH and a PC organization continually working together to develop and modify strategies to achieve service delivery goals
 ◦ have begun to act on plans.
 ◦ have been in existence for at least 1 year since beginning to offer collaborative services
 ◦ have at least 5 active participants (note: individuals working together in the collaboration with a good knowledge of the collaboration; e.g., managers, practitioners, support staff)
The above criteria were required for the Partnership Self-Assessment Tool (PSAT) [27] to be valid.
The collaboration may:
 ◦ be working well or not very well
 ◦ involve multiple organizations, in addition to PC and PH
 ◦ have provided services in the collaboration on a full or part time basis (e.g., offered twice a week)