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Table 2 Prevalence of MetS components in patients for whom all 5 MetS component data was available

From: Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in primary health settings in Qatar: a cross sectional study

Metabolic Syndrome components (Total population = 127,941)N%
Insulin Resistance (Serum Fasting Glucose> = 100 mg/dl or HbA1c > =5.56) or T2DM77,10060.3
High Blood Pressure (Systolic or Diastolic) or hypertensive67,75853.0
Obesity (Body Mass Index > = 30 kg/m2 or central obesity)63,31549.5
Low serum HDL (< 1.04 mmol/L in male and < 1.3 mm in female)62,04248.5
Metabolic syndrome (at least 3 components present)62,49648.8