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Table 2 Triage by method, treatment and time elapsed in follow-up of HPV positive women in Nicaragua in 2017

From: HPV-based cervical cancer screening in Nicaragua: from testing to treatment

 Total Triaged
N (%)
Triaged with Pap N (%)Triaged with VIA N (%)P value‡
Women triaged3656 (100)2784 (100)872 (100)< 0.001
Triage result
 Negative2293 (62.7)1851 (66.6)442 (50.7)< 0.001
 Positivea915 (25.0)513 (21.7)402 (46.1)< 0.001
 Unknown448 (12.3)420 (15.1)28 (3.2)< 0.001
Treated486 (13.3)132 (4.7)b361 (41.4)< 0.001
Percent treated among triage-positive women53.125.789.8 
Number of days from screening to triage
N (women with available data)2566 (70.2)2089477 
Mean (SD)61.9 (SD: 43.8)58.1 (SD: 37.7)78.6 (SD: 61.5)< 0.001
Number of days from triage to treatment
N (women with available data)470 (51.3c)116318 
Treated on same day263 (56.0)2 (1.7)262 (82.4)< 0.01
Mean days if not treated on same day (SD)89.2 (SD 86.5)103.8 (SD 93.4)75.2 (SD 83.6)0.05
  1. Abbreviations: VIA visual inspection with acetic acid, SD standard deviation
  2. aA Pap result of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS) or greater in the triage step was considered triage-positive and therefore required treatment according to the local management algorithm
  3. bThere were 82 cases classified as high-grade squamous intraepithelial (HSIL) in Pap triage, of which 25 were treated (30.5%)
  4. cPercentage of triage-positive women with available data
  5. P-value comparing HPV positive women triaged with Pap versus VIA