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Table 3 DNLM model results for separate and cumulative effects of monthly climatic variables on the relative risk of human brucellosis in Yulin City, Northern China, 2005–2018

From: Effect of climatic factors on the seasonal fluctuation of human brucellosis in Yulin, northern China

VariableSeparate effectCumulative effect
Maximum RR (95% CI)Variable valueLag monthMinimum RR (95% CI)Variable valueLag monthMaximum RR (95% CI)Variable valueLag month
Temperature (°C)1.36 (1.03–1.81)17.4 °C00.19 (0.08–0.42)25.4 °C62.27 (1.09–4.57)15.2 °C4
Sunshine duration (h)1.12 (1.03–1.22)311 h00.86 (0.78–0.96)121 h01.54 (1.10–2.18)311 h6
Evaporation (mm)1.18 (0.94–1.48)314 mm00.67 (0.50–10.91)314 mm61.27 (0.73–2.14)314 mm2