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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of monthly climatic variables in Yulin City, Northern China, 2005–2018

From: Effect of climatic factors on the seasonal fluctuation of human brucellosis in Yulin, northern China

VariablesMinP25P50P75MaxMean ± SD
Temperature (°C)−11.880.2911.1719.4125.459.68 ± 10.83
Precipitation (mm)03.9919.3453.54198.8036.67 ± 42.19
Relative humidity (%)23.9942.3850.4662.5777.8051.69 ± 12.60
Sunshine duration (h)119.30201.74227.78259.98311.30228.34 ± 72.23
Evaporation (mm)25.5568.80128.32188.93314.07135.63 ± 40.96
Atmospheric pressure (Pa)876.55882.73887.52890.74896.79886.72 ± 13.64
Wind velocity (m/s)1.592.062.382.743.402.40 ± 0.43
  1. Min: minimum level of the variable; P25: 25th percentile of the variable; P50: 50th percentile of the variable; P75: 75th percentile of the variable; Max: maximum level of the variable; SD: standard deviation