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Table 3 Levels of representation within polio eradication

From: Sampling method for surveying complex and multi-institutional partnerships: lessons from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative

Country Polio Epidemiologic Contexts as of 2018 (and STRIPE focus countries) Examples of Organizational and Operational Levels Polio Goals
Polio Endemic:
• Afghanistan
• Nigeria
High risk:
• Ethiopiaa
Polio free:
• Bangladesh
• India
• Indonesiaa
• Core GPEI members
Regional polio surveillance laboratories
• Country government officials
State, District, and local level government
Subnational monitoring boards
• Civil Sociey Organizations
International Non-Government Organizations
Local Non-Government Organizations
Community organizers
Local and religious leaders
• Other donor organizations and development partners
International development partners (USAID, DFID, etc)
Local donors/development partners
• Resource mobilization
• Partnership/alliance development
• Strategy development and planning
• Strengthening delivery services
• Vaccination
• Surveillance
• Community Engagement
• Monitoring and Evaluation
  1. aEthiopia was “high risk” and Indonesia was “polio free” as designated by GPEI at the time of STRIPE protocol preparation. Both countries have since reported cases of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus and are classified as “outbreak” countries as of 27 October 2019