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Table 2 Review of descriptions of target, source, and study populations in previous studies of complex initiatives

From: Sampling method for surveying complex and multi-institutional partnerships: lessons from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative

Initiative/ Study Objective of Study Target Population Source Population Study Population
External Evaluation Of The President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) [13] Review the first five years (FY06-FY10) of PMI’s activities, organized around six core objectives Not described Focus on key actors, both internal and external to PMI.
Not quantitatively described
5/15 focus countries visited
65 respondents with described position/role
Five Year Evaluation of the Global Fund: Study Area 1; Organizational Development study [14] Assess organizational efficiency and effectiveness of the Global Fund, Described staff in terms of unit (7 types) and level (3; senior managers, managers, and other staff).
Total staff estimates were not quantitatively described
283 Secretariat staff at the time of evaluation 89 Secretariat staff were involved (33 in pre-assessment meetings that identified 56 additional respondents)
Five Year Evaluation of the Global Fund: Study Area 2 [15] Assess effectiveness of the Global Fund partnership environment Not described Partners and stakeholders at the country and global levels; grant recipients and implementing partners at the country level; fund portfolio managers at the Secretariat; technical assistance partners at the country and global levels; civil society representatives.
16 focus countries
Over 900 individuals interviewed
Evaluation of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) [16] Assess PEPFAR's performance and its effects on health Described interviews conducted in terms of 8 roles across countries
Total staff estimates were not quantitatively described
Individual source population not described
31 focus countries, 13 of which were visited
383 interviews conducted across the 8 roles and country contexts
Second Gavi Evaluation [17] Assess the extent to which Gavi met its four strategic goals and the extent to which it has added value at global and country levels Stakeholders of Gavi; 4 internal roles and 7 external roles described.
Total stakeholder estimates were not quantitatively described
Online survey sent to 1,000 stakeholders
Manager survey sent to 76 Expanded Program on Immunization managers
282 responses received, including half from partner institutions
23 responses received
109 consultations with roles described