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Table 2 Specific outcomes by outcome category

From: The relationship between household chaos and child, parent, and family outcomes: a systematic scoping review

Outcome CategorySpecific Outcomes Assessed
Cognitive and academicAcademic achievement/performance
Cognitive ability/outcomes/development
Executive function
Study skills
Reading comprehension
Intellectual functioning
Socio-emotional and behaviouralResponse to challenge and task persistence:
 • Response to academic challenge
 • Task persistence
 • Processing speed
Behavioural and social:
 • Behavioural (including peer problems, conduct problems, impulsivity, aggression, anger, and prosocial behaviour)
 • Anxiety and stress
 • Social-emotional (including social problems, social competence, adjustment issues, and negative emotionality)
 • Attention/ADHD
 • Risk taking (including substance use, sexual activity, violence-related risk-taking, delinquency, and cheating)
 • Self-regulation and inhibitory control
 • Depression
 • Temperament
 • Future beliefs and aspirations
 • Empathy
 • Callous-unemotional traits and psychopathic characteristics
CommunicationVerbal/expressive vocabulary and non-verbal abilities
Receptive vocabulary
Parenting, family, and household functioningParenting:
 • Differential parenting
 • Parent-child closeness
 • Parenting – general
 • Parental self-efficacy
 • Parental mood
 • Harsh parenting
 • Discipline
 • Sibling relationships
 • Sleep-disturbing behaviours of family members
 • Parental reactions
 • Maternal attribution bias
 • Emotional availability
 • Child representation of family dysfunction
Household characteristics and food security:
 • Food security
 • Family meal atmosphere
Parent outcomesMaternal executive function
Parent diet/eating behaviours/weight status
Maternal depression
Maternal fatigue
Maternal/parent sleep
HormoneCortisol levels/profile
Autonomic nervous system activity
Developmental stability of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity
Gut biomarkers
Inflammatory profile
Physical health, health behaviours, and communication disordersHealth/disease/disorder outcomes:
 • Child weight/weight status
 • HbA1c
 • Child health
 • Stuttering severity
 • Physical health symptoms
Diet and Dietary behaviours:
 • Eating in the absence of hunger
 • Maternal feeding goals
 • Food-related behaviours
 • Sleep
 • Sleep anxiety
Other health behaviours/outcomes:
 • TV viewing behaviours in a laboratory setting
 • Maternal perceptions about physical activity