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Table 1 Socio-demographic and health-related characteristics of the study population (n = 1895)

From: Cancer symptom and risk factor awareness in Malaysia: findings from a nationwide cross-sectional study

Age groups
Highest Level of Education
 No formal education281.5
 Primary education1628.6
 Secondary education105255.5
 Tertiary education65334.5
Marital Status
 Not married23112.2
Household ownership of motorised transport
 Yes, one104355.0
 Yes, more than one76340.3
 Current smoker35518.7
 Never smoked142575.2
Access to doctors
Experience of cancer (self, family or friend)
Self-reported health
 Very good1105.8
 Very poor20.1
  1. Missing information: Marital status (n = 1), Access to doctors (n = 1), Experience of cancer (n = 3), Self-reported health (n = 1)