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Table 4 The number of undetermined cases among the brought-in-dead adult cases and the concordance rate of CoDs among the cases with determined CoDs by both of Death Notification Form and SmartVA in the University Teaching Hospital

From: Analysis of causes of death among brought-in-dead cases in a third-level Hospital in Lusaka, Republic of Zambia, using the tariff method 2.0 for verbal autopsy: a cross-sectional study

Both Undetermined19114.0%
Undetermined only by Death Notification Form33524.5%
Undetermined only by SmartVA15411.3%
Both Determined 68650.2%
 Matched CoDs between both methods29743.3%
 Unmatched CoDs between both methods38956.7%
 Kappa coefficient0.083 (95% CI: 0.069–0.086)
  1. NB: CoDs cause of deaths