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Table 1 Description of the interventions received by the patients in each group

From: Effects of a transtheoretical model - based intervention and motivational interviewing on the management of depression in hospitalized patients with coronary heart disease: a randomized controlled trial

Control groupIntervention group
Usual care: received support only in relation to their physical health.Usual care
MIa: Two sessions of 20-min face-to-face contact.
 (i) Risks, relevance, rewards, roadblocks, repetition;
TTMb: Three sessions of 30-min face-to-face contact.
 (i) An introduction to depression and coronary heart disease;
 (ii) Strategies for management of depression;
 (iii) Experience in improving depression, situations that may interfere with action, and ways to deal with it.
A manual about the management of depression covering all the above mentioned content.
 (i) TTM-based intervention+MI.
  1. aMI motivational interviewing, bTTM transtheoretical model