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Table 6 Feeding practices among HIV positive and HIV negative women at KIBS1 and KIBS2

From: Are we doing enough? Improved breastfeeding practices at 14 weeks but challenges of non-initiation and early cessation of breastfeeding remain: findings of two consecutive cross-sectional surveys in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Feeding practiceHIV positive
n = 1577
P valueHIV negative
n = 2765
P value
(n = 1274)(n = 303)(n = 2293)(n = 472)
Never breastfed21220.1%4113.5%0.151215.0%163.4%0.25
Stopped breastfeeding22320.1%6621.8%0.6636715.7%6614.0%0.48
Mixed BF14211.5%185.9%0.0163528.4%11023.3%0.19
Exclusive breastfeeding69748.4%17858.8%0.03117050.9%28059.3%0.08
Total1274100%303100% 2293100%472100% 
  1. Significant associations shown in bold text