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Table 4 Construct and Concurrent Validity for 11 Components of the CLVS-44

From: Cumulative lifetime violence severity scale: development and initial testing among men

Lifetime Perpetrator Physical & Psychological Violence (not partner or work).258a.340a.292a.530a
Childhood Target Physical & Psychological Peer/Team Violence.338a.416a.350a.623a
Lifetime Perpetrator Sexual Violence.119a.143a.089b.171a
Adult Target Psychological Violence Work, Messaging, Stalking.405a.486a.410a.562a
Childhood Target Sexual Violence.288a.377a.273a.396a
Adult Target and Perpetrator Violence related to Nature of Work or Civil/Political Unrest.170a.263a.193a.376a
Lifetime Target Physical and Psychological Dating/Partner Violence.391a.426a.356a.447a
Lifetime Target Physical Violence.388a.488a.404a.603a
Lifetime Perpetrator Stalking and Messaging.312a.337a.251a.358a
Adult Perpetrator Psychological Workplace Violence.198a.249a.164a.366a
Lifetime Perpetrator Physical Dating/Partner Violence.186a.240a.180a.324a
  1. aSignificant at 0.01 (2-tailed)
  2. bSignificant at 0.05 (2-tailed)