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Table 5 Time variables and other outcomes by allocated front-of-pack nutrition label (N = 2194)

From: Impact of front-of-pack nutrition labels on consumer purchasing intentions: a randomized experiment in low- and middle-income Mexican adults

(n = 725)
(n = 734)
(n = 735)
Median (IQR)Median (IQR)Median (IQR)
Time variables
 Time to first product selection (minutes)1.3 (0.5–2.6)1.1 (0.4–2.3)1.1 (0.4–2.2) a
 Time spent looking at a product before deciding to buy it (seconds)4.0 (2.4–6.5)3.5 (2.3–5.8)3.6 (2.4–5.9) a
 Time spent looking at a product before deciding not to buy it (seconds)2.5 (0–6.8)2.6 (0–5.6)2.9 (0–5.8)
 Total time spent shopping (minutes)4.7 (2.6–7.9)4.4 (2.4–7.6)4.4 (2.4–7.0)
Other outcomes
 Number of products in the shopping cart20 (13–30)20 (13–30)20 (13–28)
 Price of the products in the shopping cart (Mexican pesos)34.7 (15.5–47.7)35.2 (26.0–48.2)34.7 (25.5–46.1)
 Number of times the participant revised the front of the pack*1.0 (0.3)0.9 (0.4)1.0 (0.5)
 Proportion (%) of participants viewing the front of the pack at least once93.891.1 a89.9
  1. GDA Guidelines Daily Amount; MTL Multiple Traffic Light; WL Warning Labels
  2. Bolds indicate significant differences (p < 0.05) with GDA. Differences in most outcomes were tested with unadjusted quantile regression models, except for the number of times the participant revised the front-of-the pack, where an unadjusted linear regression model was used. Post-hoc tests were used to test differences between MTL and WL. No differences were observed between MTL and WL groups
  3. a Marginally significant (p < 0.06) difference with GDA
  4. *The mean (SD) is presented for this outcome