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Table 2 Comparison of the two research groups in terms of knowledge, attitude and behavior before and after intervention

From: Effectiveness of a health intervention based on WHO food safety manual in Iran

VariableGroupMDa ± SDBootstrapb
BiasP-Value95% Confidence Interval
knowledgeExperimental5.62 ± 6.02−.03.0014.157.16
Control.24 ±−.811.32
AttitudeExperimental6.03 ± 5.07−.009.0014.847.38
Control.18 ±−.821.21
BehaviorExperimental10.89 ± 10.16−.08.0026.4915.38
Control6.44 ± 9.21−.06.0343.1210.32
  1. aMean score difference, bunless otherwise noted, bootstrap results are based on 1000 bootstrap samples