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Table 4 Properties of adjusted hemoglobin distributions among women (15–49 y)

From: Comparing hemoglobin distributions between population-based surveys matched by country and time

countrysurveyNmeanSDskewkurtosis% anemia
BangladeshDHS 2011498212.14a1.36a−0.393.8042a25170
BR 2012103312.491.13−0.695.72261880
CameroonDHS 2011676812.331.66−0.533.903719161
BR 200977512.251.60−0.945.163619161
MalawiDHS 2015/2016726612.60a1.66a−0.624.2731a1613a1
BR 2015/201677012.911.39−0.735.06221561
  1. a within-pair difference significant at alpha = 0.001. Prevalence of 0 indicate prevalence less than 0.5%. Mean hemoglobin and % anemia estimates account for complex survey design. SD, skew and kurtosis do not. All tests of between-survey differences are based on complex survey design. BRINDA BR, Biomarkers Reflecting Inflammation and Nutritional Determinants of Anemia project. DHS, The Demographic and Health Survey Program. any anemia < 12.0, mild 11.0–11.9, moderate 8.0–10.9, severe < 8.0. Hemoglobin concentrations adjusted for altitude