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Table 1 Survey characteristics

From: Comparing hemoglobin distributions between population-based surveys matched by country and time

 TypeYearChild NWomen NBlood collectionHb analysisDrop #a
BangladeshDHS201122414982Capillary201 + b3 C, 3 W
LiberiaDHS20111677NACapillary201 + b4 C
CameroonDHS201145236768Capillary201 + b3 C, 5 W
MalawiDHS2015–201652287266Capillary201 + b3 C, 5 W
  1. BRINDA Biomarkers Reflecting Inflammation and Nutritional Determinants of Anemia project. C child, DHS The Demographic and Health Survey Program, Hb hemoglobin, NA Not Available, W women, aDrop # is based on the standard procedures in The DHS Program-7 at the time this manuscript was published and not individual survey reports. bThe DHS and MIS surveys typically used HemoCue 201+ and in a few instances the 301, but this is not documented