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Table 3 Crude and adjusted Odds Ratios (ORs) with 95% confidence intervals (95%CI) and p-values from logistic regression for MSP participation

From: Breast cancer incidence and mammography screening among resettlers in Germany

 Crude ORs (95%CI)p-valueAdjusted ORsa (95%CI)p-value
Resettler status
 yes vs. no2.32 (1.11–4.88)0.0262.42 (1.08–5.42)0.033
Educational level 0.001 0.001
 low/medium vs. high1.26 (1.10–1.44) 1.27 (1.10–1.46) 
Already received an invitation to MSP
 yes vs. no3.92 (3.38–4.58)< 0.0013.96 (3.40–4.60)< 0.001
  1. Legend: athe model of the adjusted ORs contained the three variables as independent variables: resettler status, educational level and invitation status. The reported ORs are the effect size of the respective variable, adjusted for the other variables