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Table 2 Infection prevention and patient safety (IPPS) standards in PMTCT sites Port Harcourt, Nigeria

From: Occupational exposure to HIV among healthcare workers in PMTCT sites in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Health workers who trained on IPPS (n = 337)
Health care workers who need training on IPPS(n = 337)
Health care worker last training on IPPS (n = 250)
 Less than a year11445.6
 More than a year13654.4
PPE available for Healthcare worker use at PMTCT facility (n = 337)
PPE regularly supplied at facility (n = 262)
PEP available at PMTCT facility (n = 337)
Someone available to administer PEP at facility (n = 188)
Health care workers with access to PEP at facility (n = 337)
Presence of reporting system for occupational exposure(n = 337)