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Table 4 Results of the multivariable logistic regression model with exposure variables shown as rows. Odds ratios relate to the binary outcome variable of diagnostic delay (greater than or equal to median time to diagnosis). Results shown are only for patients born outside the UK. Social risk factors for TB included history of alcohol dependence, recreational drug use, homelessness or imprisonment

From: The NHS visitor and migrant cost recovery programme – a threat to health?

 Adjusted Odds Ratio (95% confidence interval)p value
Treatment after CRP1.37 (1.13–1.66)0.001
Age1.01 (1.00–1.02)0.010
Sex1.13 (0.92–1.40)0.245
Time in the UK
 0–1 yearREFERENCEn/a
 2–5 years1.05 (0.77–1.43)0.779
 6–10 years0.96 (0.68–1.36)0.834
 11+ years1.14 (0.81–1.59)0.452
 Intermediate0.86 (0.54–1.35)0.512
 Unskilled0.82 (0.52–1.30)0.405
 Unemployed0.73 (0.46–1.16)0.182
 Housewife/Househusband0.74 (0.44–1.24)0.253
 Student0.62 (0.38–1.02)0.061
 Unknown0.59 (0.32–1.09)0.089
 Retired0.43 (0.23–0.78)0.006
1 or more social risk factor for TB0.76 (0.61–0.96)0.019