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Table 3 Proportions of UK-born and Non-UK born patients with a recorded delay in diagnosis before and after the introduction of the CRP. Delay in diagnosis is greater than or equal to median time (79 days) for all patients. Row percentages shown for proportions of patients with diagnostic delay

From: The NHS visitor and migrant cost recovery programme – a threat to health?

Place of birthDelay in DiagnosisDelay (Row %)No Delay (Row %)P value
UK-BornPre-CRP82 (48.2)88 (51.8)0.227
Post-CRP91 (54.8)75 (45.2)
Non-UK BornPre-CRP462 (44.6)575 (55.5)< 0.001
Post-CRP477 (55.2)387 (44.8)