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Table 4 Mapping active ingredients of a current “nature walks for wellbeing’ programme for in-patients to five ways to improving mental well-being

From: Co-production of “nature walks for wellbeing” public health intervention for people with severe mental illness: use of theory and practical know-how

ConnectParticipants join a group-based walking group, thereby potentially connecting with others during the walk and for tea and cake afterwards
Be activeParticipants engage in a physical activity – walking for 60 min
Take noticeParticipants are exposed to, and encouraged to observe, nature while walking outdoors, they are with a walk leader to point out things of interest
Keep learningParticipants have the opportunity to learn new things about nature from a knowledgeable walk leader who prepares the walk.
GiveParticipants have the opportunity to support each other – thereby giving – and also encouraging others to participate