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Table 4 Multinomial logistic regression model with FBD as the outcome

From: The influence of pregnancy classes on the use of maternal health services in Indonesia

Factors/covariatesnHealth center vs Non-health facilitynHospital vs Non-health facility
OR[95% CI]OR[95% CI]
Level of participation in KIH
 No (ref)24161.00 18421.00 
Mother’s education
 Finished elementary school or less (ref)9201.00 4701.00 
 Finished junior high school7411.76***[1.28–2.40]4222.16***[1.52–3.05]
 Finished senior high school or more12972.44***[1.76–3.38]12884.52***[3.21–6.37]
Mother’s delivery risk based on age
 High risk (14–24 & > = 35)13221.00 9711.00 
 Low risk (25–34 years old)16361.14[0.91–1.43]12091.13[0.90–1.43]
Residential site
 Rural (ref)14961.00 8441.00 
 Other islands (ref)17451.00 13641.00 
Number of ANC visits
 None291.00 161.00 
 1–4 visits7666.87***[3.95–11.97]5056.19***[3.26–11.75]
 4+ visits216316.14***[9.21–28.29]165914.25***[7.60–26.74]
 Constant 0.04***[0.02–0.09] 0.02***[0.01–0.04]
  1. Note: *, **, and *** mark statistical significance at the 10, 5, and 1% levels respectively