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Table 3 Logistic regression model with Adequate ANC and used SBA

From: The influence of pregnancy classes on the use of maternal health services in Indonesia

Factors/covariatesNAdequate ANCUsed SBA for last contact
OR[95% CI]OR[95% CI]
Level of participation in KIH
No (ref)57181.00 1.00 
Mother’s education
Finished Elementary school or less (ref)22631.00 1.00 
Finished junior high school15351.36***[1.08–1.69]1.91***[1.41–2.57]
Finished senior high school or more29921.61***[1.29–1.99]3.11***[2.27–4.26]
Mother’s delivery risk based on age
High risk (14–24 & > = 35)31151.00 1.00 
Low risk (25–34 years old)36751.01[0.82–1.24]1.19[0.96–1.47]
Residential site
Rural (ref)37091.00 1.00 
Other islands45681.00 1.00 
Number of ANC visits
None (ref)266 1.00 
1–4 visits2025 6.23***[4.02–9.68]
4+ visits4499 14.30***[9.23–22.17]
Constant 0.22[0.18–0.28]0.08***[0.05–0.14]
  1. Note: *, **, and *** mark statistical significance at the 10, 5, and 1% levels respectively