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Table 1 Characteristics of the sample

From: The influence of pregnancy classes on the use of maternal health services in Indonesia

VariablesN (6,790)%
Utilization of adequate ANC198929.3
Utilization of SBA for last contact523577.1
Utilization FBD in health center295843.6
Utilization FBD in hospital218032.1
Utilization FBD in hospital and health center198929.3
Mother’s education
 Finished elementary school or less226333.3
 Finished junior high school153522.6
 Finished senior high school or more299244.1
Mother’s delivery risk based on age
 High risk (14–24 & > = 35)311545.9
 Low risk (25–34 years old)367554.1
Residential site
 Other islands456867.3
Number of ANC visits
 1–3 times202529.8
  ≥ 4 times449966.3
Level of participation in KIH
 No participation571884.2
 Incomplete participation6109.0
 Complete participation4626.8