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Table 3 Risk factors for HAV infection

From: Risk factors for viral hepatitis A infection in Gampaha District, Sri Lanka: an unmatched case control study

VariableBeta coefficientAOR95% CI for AORp value
Urban population1.785.942.9811.86< 0.001
Unmarried individuals−1.350.260.140.46< 0.001
Unemployed−< 0.001
Income < 20,000 LKR1.042.821.306.130.009
Poor knowledge regarding viral hepatitis1.383.981.978.05< 0.001
Unhygienic practices related to drinking water0.982.671.375.210.004
Unhygienic sanitary practices1.002.731.425.230.003
Out visits from district of Gampaha−< 0.001
≥ 5 family members living in a household−1.010.360.190.750.006
≥ 5 family members using the toilet−0.660.520.271.000.05
  1. AOR adjusted odds ratio, CI confidence interval