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Table 1 Summary of the education session structure based on the HBM

From: The effect of teaching puberty health concepts on the basis of a health belief model for improving perceived body image of female adolescents: a quasi-experimental study

Steps of the HBMNumber of education sessionsThe procedure of sessions
Awareness stage3 sessionsStages of maturity, how to wash and bathe, the type of nutrition at this time, complications of anemia, how to reduce complications when taking iron tablets, the effect of routine and light exercises, etc.
Perceived sensitivity stage2 sessionsComplications and risks resulting from anemia, complications of not taking iron tablets, suffering with infectious and genital diseases and urinary tract infections, complications related to anemia due to non-consumption of nutritional and iron fortifying ingredients, excessive obesity and thinness, infectious rashes due to lack of care of the skin, etc.
Perceived severity stage1 sessionSpecial consequences and common illnesses due to the failure to observe puberty health such as iron deficiency, anemia, improper washing, not bathing and manipulating skin rashes, etc.
Perceived benefit stage1 sessionThe positive benefits of observing hygiene during puberty such as not suffering from anemia due to iron tablet supplementation and nutritious foods, lack of suffering from severe genital and urinary infections due to proper washing and bathing, relieving severe pain in the abdomen and lower back due to normal and light sports activities, the lack of complications due to obesity and excessive weight loss in the event of observing a proper diet and gradual improvement of facial rashes if not rubbed, etc.
Stage of perceived barriers1 sessionBarriers such as economic problems to produce iron tablets etc.