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Table 5 Estimated DID interaction effects between baseline and Round 5 for intent-to-treat (ITT), results from linear regressions with girl-level fixed effects

From: The impact of the Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program (AGEP) on short and long term social, economic, education and fertility outcomes: a cluster randomized controlled trial in Zambia

 Interaction with urban site (vs rural site)Interaction with older cohort (vs younger cohort)Interaction with poorest HHs (vs. less poor HHs)Interaction with highest vulnerability (vs lower vulnerability)
Coef95% CICoef95% CICoef95% CICoef95% CI
Social assets
 Self-efficacy score [0–10]−0.133− 0.7100.4440.491−0.0201.002−0.114− 0.7870.5590.255−0.3560.867
 Had a safe space in community to meet with friends0.011−0.1080.1300.033−0.1030.1680.031−0.1200.181−0.068− 0.2570.122
 Positive gender attitudes score [0–7]− 0.146− 0.6010.310− 0.062− 0.2920.169− 0.052− 0.4330.3290.152−0.2720.576
 Non-acceptability of IPV−0.090− 0.2150.0350.117− 0.0050.2390.002− 0.1460.1500.074− 0.0640.212
Economic assets
 Financial literacy score [0–9]− 0.143− 0.6750.3890.135−0.2240.494−0.218− 0.7440.3090.082−0.4320.596
 Saved money in the past year0.002−0.0920.0950.037−0.0490.124−0.002−0.1090.1040.048−0.0670.163
Health assets
 Fertile period and contraceptive methods knowledge score [0–11]− 0.035−0.4600.3900.301−0.1110.713−0.170−0.7060.3670.078−0.4600.615
 HIV knowledge score [0–11]−0.020−0.7750.736−0.462−1.0860.163−0.382−1.1280.364−0.089− 0.8820.703
Sexual behavior among girls ages 15 and older who had ever had sex
 Used condom at first sexa0.023−0.1040.150  0.072−0.0830.228−0.127−0.3200.066
 Agreed to having had transactional sex−0.043−0.2570.170  −0.068−0.4320.295−0.192− 0.5110.126
Education outcomes
 Completed grade 70.001−0.0800.083−0.023−0.1010.0560.005−0.0850.096−0.031−0.1330.072
 Completed grade 90.036−0.0580.1300.062−0.0120.1360.037−0.0540.129−0.020−0.0960.055
Fertility outcomes among girls ages 15 and older
 Ever married−0.010−0.1690.150  0.110−0.0460.2660.162*0.0080.317
 Ever had sex0.135*0.0330.237  0.024−0.1200.1680.030−0.1270.187
 Ever pregnant0.052−0.0810.185  0.106−0.0640.2750.280***0.1410.418
 Ever given birth0.052−0.0790.183  0.133−0.0410.3070.213**0.0710.354
  1. All models adjust for age. Robust standard errors adjusted for clusters at the CSA level
  2. *** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01, * p < 0.05, † p < 0.1
  3. a Estimated as simple differences at Round 5 between intervention and control arms excluding girls who had ever had sex at baseline and adjusting for age and study site