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Table 2 Mediating indicators and longer term outcomes among analytical sample, by intervention and control arms and by survey rounds

From: The impact of the Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program (AGEP) on short and long term social, economic, education and fertility outcomes: a cluster randomized controlled trial in Zambia

 Intervention armsControl arm
Arm 1Arm 2Arm 3
Mean95% CIaMean95% CIaMean95% CIaMean95% CIa
Social assets
 Self-efficacy score [0–10]
 Had a safe space in community to meet with friends
  Round 346%41%51%49%45%52%47%43%52%38%34%43%
  Round 555%51%58%54%50%58%52%48%56%52%48%56%
 Positive gender attitudes score [0–7]
 Non-acceptability of IPV
  Round 333%30%37%37%32%41%42%37%46%40%36%44%
  Round 534%29%38%37%33%41%36%32%41%38%33%42%
Economic assets
 Financial literacy score [0–9]
 Saved money in the past year
  Round 330%26%34%33%29%37%35%31%38%26%22%29%
  Round 539%35%43%40%37%44%41%38%44%33%30%36%
Health assets
 Fertile period and contraceptive methods knowledge score [0–11]
 HIV knowledge score [0–11]
Sexual behavior among girls ages 15 and older who had ever had sex
 Used condom at first sexb
  Round 342%36%48%44%37%50%40%35%44%38%32%44%
  Round 542%37%48%43%38%48%42%38%46%41%37%46%
 Agreed to having had transactional sexc
  Round 345%40%49%44%37%51%47%41%53%49%44%55%
  Round 540%35%45%36%31%42%40%35%45%39%33%46%
Education outcomes
 Completed grade 7
  Round 352%48%57%55%50%60%55%51%59%57%53%62%
  Round 568%63%72%68%63%73%70%65%74%69%65%73%
 Completed grade 9
  Round 324%20%28%24%20%28%22%18%26%25%21%28%
  Round 535%30%39%34%29%39%34%29%38%37%32%41%
Fertility outcomes among girls ages 15 and olderd
 Ever married
  Baseline0%  0%  0%  0%  
  Round 320%17%23%19%15%23%16%13%19%16%12%20%
  Round 528%25%31%29%25%33%29%25%33%26%21%31%
 Ever had sex
  Round 365%60%70%65%60%69%67%63%72%61%56%66%
  Round 574%71%77%75%70%79%77%73%80%69%64%73%
 Ever pregnant
  Round 334%29%39%33%29%38%34%30%39%34%29%39%
  Round 546%42%50%46%42%51%49%46%53%44%39%49%
 Ever given birth
  Round 325%21%30%25%21%28%27%23%32%27%22%32%
  Round 538%34%42%38%34%43%40%36%43%38%34%42%
  1. a Confidence intervals (CI) were estimated accounting for clustering at the CSA level
  2. b Number of girls age 15 and older who had ever had sex and for whom data on condom use at first sex is available: 535 at baseline; 1131 at round 3; and 1720 at round 5
  3. c Number of girls age 15 and older who had ever had sex and for whom data on transactional sex is available: 534 at baseline; 1142 at round 3; and 1732 at round 5
  4. d Number of girls age 15 and older: 1500 at baseline; 2150 at round 3; and 2669 at round 5