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Table 1 Baseline socio-demographic characteristics of analytical sample, by intervention and control arms

From: The impact of the Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program (AGEP) on short and long term social, economic, education and fertility outcomes: a cluster randomized controlled trial in Zambia

 Intervention armsControl arm
Arm 1Arm 2Arm 3
Mean95% CIaMean95% CIaMean95% CIaMean95% CIaF-statb
Had attended current school year81%78%84%82%78%85%82%79%85%81%78%84%0.04
Highest grade completed5.
Mother’s living and co-residence status
 Co-resident with girl72%69%76%68%65%72%66%62%71%71%66%75% 
 Alive but not co-resident with girl18%16%21%18%15%21%21%17%25%17%14%21% 
 Not alive9%7%12%14%11%16%12%10%15%12%10%14%1.50
Father’s living and co-residence status
 Co-resident with girl52%48%56%48%45%52%48%44%52%51%45%56% 
 Alive but not co-resident with girl27%23%30%27%24%31%29%25%33%28%24%32% 
 Not alive22%18%25%24%21%27%23%20%26%21%18%25%0.52
Mother completed primary school41%38%45%47%42%51%49%46%53%46%42%50%2.62
Father completed primary school49%45%52%53%50%57%52%48%57%54%49%58%1.33
Household wealth quintiles
 1 Poorest21%17%25%18%14%22%19%15%23%20%16%24% 
 5 Wealthiest17%12%21%22%17%27%24%17%30%20%15%25%0.94
Vulnerability quintiles
 1 Lowest vulnerability25%22%28%22%19%25%26%22%29%25%21%29% 
 5 Highest vulnerability17%14%20%19%15%22%16%13%19%16%13%19%0.54
Number of girls in analytical sample765  783  764  768   
  1. a Confidence intervals (CI) were estimated accounting for clustering at the CSA level
  2. b F-statistic from Pearson design-based tests for categorical variables and from linear regressions for continuous variables, accounting for clustering at the CSA level
  3. *** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01, * p < 0.05, † p < 0.1