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Table 7 List of participants in the key informant interviews

From: Home-grown school feeding: assessment of a pilot program in Nepal

No. Type of participant Level and location of data collection No. of interviews
1. OLE Nepal: Director and content developer/trainer of nutrition sensitive literacy National, Kathmandu 2
2. WFP office: School Meal Program head and a team member National, Kathmandu 2
3. Former FFEP director National, Kathmandu 1
4. Department of Education: Director and deputy director National, Kathmandu 2
5. CDC (Deputy director) National, Kathmandu 1
6. Deputy District Education Officer District, Sindhupalchok 1
7. District Education Office: Program Officer and Focal person of SMP District, Sindhupalchok and Bardiya 2
8. WFP (Field staff) District, Sindhupalchok and Bardiya 2
9. School Principal School/community, Bardiya 1
10. Vice Principal School/community, Sindhupalchok 1
11. Cooperatives: Chairman and member District, Sindhupalchok and Bardiya 2
12. Cooks School/community, Sindhupalchok 2
13. Resource person School/community, Sindhupalchok 3
14. Focal teachers Schools, Sindhupalchok and Bardiya 5
15. Caterer School/community, Bardiya 1