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Table 2 Average weight of school meals and their contribution to the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of children 7–9 years and girls 10–12 years

From: Home-grown school feeding: assessment of a pilot program in Nepal

MenuMeal weight (grams)% of RDA
EnergyProteinVit. ANiacinThiamineCalciumIron a
Children 7–9 years:
 - Nutritious porridge1562025231929710
 - Millet flour pancake19621316319481646 (14)
 - Mix veg fried rice117182228161989
 - Rice flake with chicken curry111303301952390 (23)
Mean14522282918251339 (13)
Schoolgirls 10–12 years:
 - Nutritious porridge156171823192366
 - Millet flour pancake19618226419381227 (8)
 - Mix veg fried rice117151620161565
 - Rice flake with chicken curry111252401941754 (14)
Mean14519202718201023 (8)
  1. Meal weight (grams, in raw form) was equivalent to full portion size
  2. a Iron contribution of non-iron fortified rice flake, wheat and millet flour is in parentheses