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Table 1 Frequency and incidence rate ratios of PMVC for intervention and comparator groups

From: Effect of reducing the posted speed limit to 30 km per hour on pedestrian motor vehicle collisions in Toronto, Canada - a quasi experimental, pre-post study

ModelsCovariatePMVCTotal Km-MonthPMVC per 100 Km-MonthAdjusted IRRa
(95% CI)
Model 1 Intervention StreetsPre-Speed Limit Reduction24512,2861.991
Post-Speed Limit Reduction13796001.430.72 (0.58–0.89)
Winter18810,9151.720.98 (0.79–1.21)
Model 2 Comparator StreetsPre-Speed Limit Reduction15110,4281.451
Post-Speed Limit Reduction14110,4371.350.93 (0.70–1.25)
Winter18110,4091.741.64 (1.27–2.12)
  1. abased on full model, with pre-post and season covariates