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Table 3 Gender as a risk factor of readmission for selected pulmonary diseases in adults aged 65 years and older, by multivariate logistic regression analysis

From: The importance of sex as a risk factor for hospital readmissions due to pulmonary diseases

DiseaseOdds ratio (95% confidence interval)
Male vs Female
Bronchitis and asthma2.07 (1.11–3.87)
Pneumonia1.40 (1.13–1.72)
Pulmonary edema and respiratory failure1.28 (1.05–1.55)
COPD1.34 (1.00–1.81)
  1. Adjusted for: age, formal education, citizenship, length of stay, Charlson Comorbidity Index, type of discharge, type of care institute
  2. Results in bold are statistically significant (p < 0.05)