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Table 3 Proportion of disparities in foregoing healthcare explained by discrimination in healthcare

From: Discrimination in healthcare as a barrier to care: experiences of socially disadvantaged populations in France from a nationally representative survey

VariableProportion of disparity explainedp
2nd Generation0.080.053
Mainland France(ref)(ref)
Overseas France0.130.049
North Africa0.22< 0.001
Sub-Saharan Africa0.320.003
Southeast Asia−0.030.705
Mixed (no FR)0.000.880
Muslim0.26< 0.001
Other Religion0.090.307
  1. The proportion explained is calculated from coefficients in Table 2, as (1 – (Model 1 AME / Model 2 AME)). The p value refers to statistically contrasting the AME in Model 1 and Model 2; that is, it represents a test of the null hypothesis that the proportion explained is equal to zero. Only those variables with an observed AME in Model 1 are tabulated here, as they represent baseline gaps in foregoing healthcare across demographic characteristics