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Table 3 Univariate analysis of baseline neonatal and maternal variables to predict neonatal mortality

From: Neonatal mortality and associated factors in the specialized neonatal care unit Asmara, Eritrea

VariablesNn (mortality/1000 live births)OR & 95% CIP-value
Gestation Age (Weeks)
 Full-tem(> = 37 weeks)96239(41)1 
 Preterm (< 37 weeks)24240(165)4.68(2.94–7.47)< 0.001
Birth Weight (KG)a
 Normal birth weight76624(31)1 
 High birth weight432(47)1.51(0.35–6.60)0.379
 Low birth weight30525(82)2.76(1.55–4.91)< 0.001
 Very low birth weight5918(305)13.57(6.83–26.98)< 0.001
 Extremely low birth weight229(409)21.40(8.34–54.91)< 0.001
Diagnosis to Admission time
  < 1 h48130(62)1 
 1 h-24 h30614(46)0.72(0.38–1.38)0.324
  > =24 h41735(84)1.38(0.83–2.29)0.215
Apgar Score (1 min)a
 Good Vitality(> = 7)61617(28)1 
 Poor Vitality(< 7)46649(105)2.65(1.37–5.11)0.004
Apgar Score (5 min)a
 Good Vitality86634(39)1 
 Poor Vitality21932(146)2.50(1.39–4.52)0.002
Length of Stay in SNCU
  < = 1 day20320(99)1 
  > 1 day100159(59)1.75(1.03–2.97)0.040
Congenital Abnormality
 Yes8213(159)3.01(1.59–5.73)< 0.001
Place of Delivery
 Other Health Facility14216(113)2.07(1.16–3.71)0.014
 Home Delivery414(98)1.76(0.61–5.11)0.297
Mode of delivery
 Elective CS1294(31)0.40(0.15–1.12)0.082
 Emergency CS1235(41)0.53(0.21–1.35)0.185
Gestational Sizea
 Appropriate for Gestational Age96356(58)1 
 Small for Gestational Age21122(104)1.89(1.12–3.16)0.016
Maternal age
  < 20497(143)2.74 (1.15–6.48)0.022
 30–3940828(69)1.21 (0.73–1.99)0.458
  > =40685(74)1.30(0.49–3.42)0.592
Obstetric complication
 Not normal746(81)1.28(0.54–3.04)0.580
Antenatal care Visits
  1. n neonatal mortality in each group, CS-Cesarean Section
  2. aN does not include missing cases