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Table 1 Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of neonates admitted to SNCU

From: Neonatal mortality and associated factors in the specialized neonatal care unit Asmara, Eritrea

VariablesNumberPercent (%)
Gestation Age (Weeks)
 Full-term(> = 37 weeks)96279.9
 Preterm(< 37 weeks)24220.1
Birth Weight (Kg)
 High birth weight (> = 4)433.6
 Normal birth weight (2.5–3.99)76664.0
 Low birth weight (1.5–2.49)30525.5
 Very Low birth weight (1.0–1.49)595.0
 Extremely Low birth weight (< 1.0)221.9
Diagnosis to Admission time
  < 1 h48140.0
 1 h −24 h30625.4
  >= 24 h41734.6
Apgar Score (1 min)a
 Good Vitality(> = 7)61656.9
 Poor Vitality(< 7)46643.1
Apgar Score (5 min) a
 Good Vitality86679.8
 Poor Vitality21920.2
Length of stay in SNCU
  < = 1 day20316.9
  > 1 day100183.1
Congenital Abnormality
Place of Delivery
 Other health facilities14211.8
 Home Delivery413.4
Mode of Delivery
 Spontaneous vaginal delivery95279.1
 Elective CS12910.7
 Emergency CS12310.2
Gestational Size
 Appropriate for Gestational Age96380.5
 Small for Gestational Age21117.6
 Lare for Gestational Age231.9
Mother Age
  < 20494.1
Maternal Condition
 Diabetes Mellitus90.7
 Urinary Tract Infection80.6
Antenatal Visit
Traditional Practice  
 Additional Food20.2
 No traditional practice118798.6
  1. aN doesn’t include missing values
  2. bAnemia, Cardiac disease, Febrile, Candidacies, HIV, and Epilepsy